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 What does our State Republican Party stand for?


The sole purpose of joining a club is to find like-minded individuals to get along with, and express like minded ideals. The same is true with a political party. When you register for a political party, you are joining because the agenda and platform of the party represents the same ideas and values you hold at a personal level. You also join to expand those ideas with a louder crowd, to have a voice heard by the numbers. This is how we fight for "change". This is how we fight to defend liberty. You would not attend (nor register) for a movement that does not represent your values, traditions, or political beliefs.

The 2016 Republican Platform states in the Preamble...

We believe our constitutional system — limited

government, separation of powers, federalism,

and the rights of the people — must be preserved

uncompromised for future generations.

We believe political freedom and economic

freedom are indivisible.

When political freedom and economic freedom

are separated — both are in peril; when united, they

are invincible.

We believe that people are the ultimate resource

and that the people, not the government, are the

best stewards of our country’s God-given natural


As Republicans, we register for a party that represents limited government, focus on the individual (not the government), and a strong checks and balance system. By supporting a focus and growth on the indivual, we also acknowledge the growth and success of a society and community comes from the private sector...not the government. By this mindset...we would also come to a conclusion that a healthy state would come from a heathy private sector...not a healthy government.

The question I have for our Kansas Republican legislators...are we protecting the platform of the Republican party? We came within three votes of overriding a Republican Governor's veto on the largest tax hike (not to mention retro-active) in the state's history. And that vote came from a Republican majority in both chambers of Congress. Two disturbing realizations come from this...

1) If we represent the values of limited government, lower taxes, and a growth of private industry to judge a healthy state, why would we, not only support a massive tax increase on private individuals and corporations, but push the idea hard enough to potentially override a veto from a Republican Governor? As a Republican in office, it is your duty to decide the platform on which we stand, and defend it. We are not a populist party that changes our platform with the breeze. There is a reason that the overwhelming majority of voters in Kansas vote Republican...because they choose to side with a party that represents their best interests. If a stance is unpopular, we do not change our position based on a "popular" stance...we fall back on the platform structure we set for ourselves. We do not advocate for higher taxes over lack of government efficiency. We do not advocate for more spending over the capitalist option. We do not advocate for the expansion of federal government funding and control over our state sovereignty. We do not allow another branch of government bully us in a breach of the checks and balance system. We do not side with an opposition against the base of the party just to score political points. Yet these examples are exactly what we've seen from many (not all) within our state Republican legislators.


2) The tax vote to override a Republican Governor's veto could have been stopped before it even had a chance if the Republican party united under one platform. Yet we saw more than enough votes in the House, and within two in the Senate...due to Republican votes siding with the opposition. If we are to have a party represent a platform that entices individuals to remain within our club, it is time for the party to unite under one vision. We have an opportunity to silence a progressive mindset and promote true Constitutionalism and free market values, and by dividing ourselves, we are giving our opposition a chance to re-group and have a louder voice with smaller numbers.


There is a time and place for division of a party...and it's called a primary election. As members of a club that we willingly choose to partake in, we will not forget the positions taken by elected officials. Political points are not scored in our party by slandering other members of our own party. Political success is not "working together" with an opposition that does not take our values seriously. Political longevity will no longer be achieved by changing positions based on popularity. By swearing into office under the brand of Republicanism...you swore to defend Republican values. We have yet to see those Republican values take hold in our state legislature.


So what do our Republican legislators stand for?